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Meditec is the southern hemisphere’s largest supplier of automated sachet packing and checking solutions.

With solutions in operation from Perth to Sydney, Arnhem Land to Hobart, across New Zealand and many places in between, we literally cover the breadth and depth of Oceania.

By complementing the world’s most advanced and preferred hardware with the strongest experience, range and tools available, Meditec has become the choice of A-Grade operators wanting a simpler, cheaper and better approach to packing DAAs.


Showcases our range and reasons why we're the southern hemisphere's largest supplier of automated sachet packing solutions.


Showcases a new solution for community Pharmacy, where each sachet is checked for quality.


Overviews a new solution that automates the rolling of each patients medications.


Overviews an updated solution for managing canisters and delivering further efficiencies.


Provides an insight into(Probably) The world's largest shop for accessories aimed at supporting sachet packed medication.


An insight into some of the key technical features that help our customers.