By understanding that our customers want the option to embrace increasing levels of technology, Meditec also supplies automated checking systems. Called ‘Vizen’, this technology takes a photo of each packed sachet and verifies its quality by assessing the colour, shape and dimensions of the contents. The images are even kept on file for easy reference and emailing if needed. With software that’s typically tailored to the needs of each customer, Meditec is the largest supplier of this technology in the southern hemisphere.

If having immediate or potential access to a “bespoke” automated sachet checking solution is important to you, then we’d welcome a conversation around Vizen.

  • Fast: Able to check up to 60 sachets holding >10 medications each per minute, Vizen is an efficient, powerful system.
  • Accurate: By using a mix of color, shape and dimensions together with tailoring tolerances to your liking, a range of data points ensure accuracy.
  • Reference: By taking and keeping a photo of each packed sachet, a library of images is created which can be referenced if queried by a customer.
  • Flexible: With various reports easily created or generated, the system works your way.
  • Reliable: Proven performance means the system is always ready to check and doesnt get fatigued.