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With both Meditec and Omnicell having strong histories of managing IT infrastructures, both understand the importance of ensuring solutions meet the demands of each hospitals technical environment. That means keeping up with the latest hospital information technology standards and ensuring smooth and secure interoperability.


From using materials that are state-of-the-art for optimising performance and hygiene…through to an almost endless list of configuration options…Meditec’s automated packing solutions are flexible, advanced and from the world’s most preferred manufacturer.


From evaluating the quality of packed sachets at ~60 every minute…through to logging a photo for easy reference, Meditec’s automated checking solution synthesises a range of technologies into a single solution.


From knowing when each person’s roll of medication starts and stops…through to rolling into a neat little bundle and applying a sticker… Meditec’s winding solution uses advanced software to automated a typically manual process.


From solutions that automate the cutting of tablets…through to those that use lights to guide operators to improve efficiency and limit the scope for error…Meditec is always looking to embrace new forms of technology.


From tracking scripts, generating signing sheets, logging images of packed sachets, creating bespoke reports or benefiting from a seamless integration with key dispense providers…Meditec’s software is advanced, proven, flexible and well supported by industry stakeholders.


In addition to the above, Meditec is looking to launch a number of new solutions… which are all aimed at ensuring our customers have access to the best possible technology.