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In addition to automating the packing, checking and winding of sachet packed medication, Meditec is also focused on delivering more efficient, safer outcomes in hospitals.

By partnering with Omnicell, a world leader in hospital automation, Meditec is able to complement it’s world-class service and support infrastructure with more of the most advanced solutions available. Built around a basic principle of “flexibility”, solutions for Medication, Supply and Central Pharmacy can all be tailored to meet your specific needs.

If understanding how world-class automation can help deliver a more efficient, safer hospital is important to you, then please explore our website and get in touch for a conversation.

Central Pharmacy

Provides an insight into the role automation can play in your central Pharmacy.

Medication Management

Gives an overview of the various options for managing and delivering the superior management of medications.

Supply Management

Gives an insight into the role automation can play in delivering the more efficient management of Supply items.


Provides an insight into the breadth and depth of technology available.


Details the flexibility of a single server set-up, where appropriately credentialed people can access it from any network computer.