The inventory management carousel is an automated pharmacy retrieval system that can be integrate with workflow software for complete stock management. By using the carousel for pharmacy orders, staff productivity can be greatly improved whilst simultaneously reducing medication errors. The whole system is managed by workflow management, server-based software, which brings harmony and efficiency to every step of the medication dispensing process.

If you place a priority on finding increasingly powerful ways to manage inventory, utilize space and reduce the likelihood of medication errors, then we’d welcome a conversation on the role a carousel can play in your pharmacy.

  • Better security of medications: controls access in the central pharmacy with user-defined drug classes and the requirement of a user name and password.
  • Reduces medication errors: helps pharmacists ensure the right medications are stored in and retrieved from the right locations.
  • Reduces downtime: Offers redundancy of a dual-motor drive in the event of a motor failure.
  • Maximizes floor space and storage capacity: May enable pharmacy storage footprint to be reduced up to 50%.