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Medication Packer

Meditec’s range of packagers allows for medication to be packed in bar-coded sachets (unit or multi-dose) as a step to allowing pharmacists to improve dispensing accuracy, increase their productivity, and lower overall costs. Integrated with workflow management software, Meditec’s medication packaging system plays a vital role in streamlining central pharmacy operations and automating manual, labor-intensive processes.

If you place a priority on how ward stock is packed and tracked along with the associated cost, then we’d welcome a conversation on the role one of our automated packing solutions can play in your pharmacy.

Meditec’s packaging solutions deliver VARIOUS operational and strategic benefits.

  • Fast: Vastly quicker than packing manually, our solutions change the game
    around profitability. No longer are all beds equal.
  • Small Footprint: Needing limited space and with almost endless capacity,
    our solutions typically reshape the economics of your Pharmacy.
  • Scalable: With few constraints on throughput, the scalability of our solutions
    ensure they deliver increasingly attractive profits.
  • Cheap: With maintenance costs negligible and other costs variable, our solutions
    are cheap to run and get even cheaper the more you pack.
  • Accurate: By using an automated, repeatable process, the scope for erroneously
    packed medications almost disappears.
  • Reliable: Proven to deliver, our solutions are not only remarkably reliable but
    also never take holidays, have sick days, vary their productivity or resign.