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With both Meditec and Omnicell having strong histories of managing IT infrastructures, both understand the importance of ensuring solutions meet the demands of each hospitals technical environment. That means keeping up with the latest hospital information technology standards and ensuring smooth and secure interoperability.

G4 Platform Delivers Latest Technology

In addition to being the first automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) company to adopt the Windows® 7 operating system, Omnicell’s G4 platform has also been certified against EHR Privacy and Security standards. Omnicell’s G4 products also use the latest
Intel® Core™ multiprocessor platform.

In addition to assuring long-term support, these technologies and certifications improve reliability, security, and responsiveness of the both Meditec and Omnicell to support features such as:

  • Daily automatic defragmentation of the hard drive without any disruption to user experience.
  • Support for encrypted file transport (FTPS) and web communication (HTTPS) to securely protect transmitted data.

All G4 cabinets are domain-ready to meet your hospital IT requirements, and the universal eBox (electronics) used across the Omnicell product line ensures efficient service and maximum uptime.

Choice in Server Platform

The OmniCentre server manages the day-to-day operations of the automated cabinets and provides managers access to a vast array of information and reports. Using enterprise-class servers operating from within the hospital, appropriately accredited people can access its information from any networked terminal. With the OmniCenter certified as VMware Ready, the choice also exists for moving to a virtual server environment if that’s of interest.

Integration Services

To help achieve greater operational efficiency, a dedicated interface development team is focused on integrating solutions with a hospitals IT systems, including accounting, ADT, materials management, medical records, pharmacy information and more. Using a single interface engine across central pharmacy and medication cabinets, meaning reliability and security is optimised.

Remote System Monitoring

Given ensuring maximum uptime is critical, our service teams can proactively monitor and troubleshoot your Omnicell systems’ performance remotely and resolve many issues directly, meaning you don’t have to get involved or wait for someone to arrive on-site.