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Anesthesia Workstation

The operating room has unique medication and supply needs, which are often overlooked when hospitals implement automated dispensing systems. Yet manual processes for charge capture and inventory management in the OR can be inefficient and ineffective. Increasing pressure to secure medications presents another challenge.

Omnicell’s Anesthesia Workstation™ G4 and Anesthesia TT™ Tabletop™ G4 extend the benefits of automated medication dispensing systems and bar code scanning to the operating room. Anesthesia Workstation is an automated dispensing cabinet designed specifically for anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists.

Security and Convenience for Anesthesia Medications

  • Keeps anesthesia supplies and medications securely stored, yet easy to access during surgery.
  • High-capacity Anesthesia Workstation G4 can easily support a day’s worth of cases.
  • Quick bar code scanning of each item used prevents medication errors, streamlines the restocking process, and ensures all charges are captured for each case.
  • Provides medication security, limiting access to designated individuals.
  • Improves workflow efficiency:
    • Cuts down on trips and phone calls between the OR and pharmacy.
    • May reduce turnaround time between surgical cases.
  • Improves inventory management: simplifies restocks for pharmacy and
    anesthesia technicians.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for securing and documenting
    medication use.
  • ramatically improves charge capture.

Customer Results

“Since implementing Anesthesia Workstations, we’ve been able to bring charge
capture rates up to 90 percent or greater for OR medications and supplies.”
— Randy Gerwitz, Pharmacy Department. Erie County Medical Center.