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Anywhere RN Remote

Anywhere RN offers a flexible approach to the medication administration process that positively impacts nursing and patient safety. It is a web-based application designed specifically for nurses that lets them remotely access the Omnicell cabinet from any computer or workstation in the patient care area, including mobile carts.Crowding at the automated medication dispensing cabinets takes valuable time away from nurses and also limits access for pharmacy. Nurses can feel rushed if others are waiting.

Anywhere RN creates an improved system that benefits nursing and patient safety. It allows nurses to request medications and perform other functions remotely, using existing networked hospital computers or mobile medication systems such as Omnicell’s Savvy™, at a time and location that is convenient to them. Anywhere RN shortens time at the cabinet and streamlines the process for issuing and returning medications, and recording waste.

For Nursing:

  • Increases nurse efficiency and satisfaction by:
    • Reducing lines at the cabinet to save time and frustration.
    • Saving steps: Nurses remotely request scheduled and PRN medications, which are queued up at the cabinet, ready for quick removal.
    • Saving trips: Nurses record medication waste remotely to eliminate trips back to the cabinet.
    • Allowing nurses to spend more time in the patient’s room, which increases both patient and nurse satisfaction.
  • Increases patient safety by reducing workflow interruptions.

For PharmacY

  • Increases efficiency by providing greater access to the cabinet for restocking.

For Hospital Administration

  • Increases nurse productivity by streamlining the medication administration process.
  • Increases patient safety by reducing nurse distractions.
  • Leverages the hospital’s existing investment in computer access in the patient care area.