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Automated Cabinets Medication

Omnicell’s award-winning G4 automated cabinets are for CFO’s, CEO’s, Pharmacy Directors, Supply Managers and nursing staff focused on delivering superior outcomes. As the preferred choice for automated cabinets, Omnicell’s system offers various points of difference that includes “guiding light” technology that quickly leads the user to the desired location in the cabinet.

Customer-Inspired Design

Recently upgraded with the latest technology, the new G4 console has been designed based on extensive customer feedback to ensure it’s easy and intuitive to use.

Flexible, Modular Configurations

Based on a philosophy of “Choice and Flexibility”, there is an almost endless range of options which can be mixed-and-matched. This includes varying cabinet sizes, format and drawer options with different levels of security. Additional cabinets can be seamlessly integrated as your capacity needs increase.

Lowest Long-Term Cost of Ownership

Modular in their construction, only select parts of the system need to be updated through time. Rather than replacing entire cabinets, you can keep current with the latest technology by replacing only (say) the console. In addition, standard software upgrades are included as part of our industry-leading service program.

Reduce Medication Errors and Enhance Patient Safety

  • “Guiding lights” reduces the likelihood of administering the wrong medication
  • Dispensing alerts provide an added clinical safety check.
  • SafetyStock® bar code confirmation enables nursing/pharmacy staff to confirm the identity of a medication or supply at all points of access.

Improve Nursing and Pharmacy Staff Efficiency Automated cabinets reduce manual steps and processes.

  • New biometric technology provides, easy secure access to the cabinet
  • Medications and supplies can be combined in a single cabinet
  • Integrated label printer saves time spent handwriting labels

Improve Compliance and Discourage Diversion

  • Improved security and tracking of medications by strong access protocols,
    metal lidded drawer pockets, witness monitoring and the list goes on!!
  • 3 years of transaction data is available via the OmniCenter servers.

Reduce Costs

  • Enables tighter inventory control and more efficient re-stocking, which all helps reduce costs.