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Savvy Mobile Medication System

The Savvyâ„¢ mobile medication system is no ordinary hospital medication cart. It’s next level technology and only for those hospitals looking to embrace the latest, most advanced systems.

Fully integrated with the AnywhereRN capability and a wireless, medical-grade mobile workstation, Savvy reshapes medication management. By allowing clinicians to remotely select patient medications quickly and securely from any location at any time, their time spent at the cabinet itself is reduced, providing more time for direct patient care. You won’t find this capability with generic hospital medication carts! If you care about using the latest technology to increase the time nurses spend with patients, reduce the likelihood medication errors and achieving superior workflow, then we’d welcome a conversation on the role Savvy can play in your hospital.

Save Nurses Steps and Time

Individual trips to the cabinet for every patient add unnecessary demands to a nurse’s shift. By using AnywhereRN and the Savvy mobile cart to request, retrieve, and deliver patient medications with a single trip to the cabinet, Nurses spend significantly less time walking the halls without compromising security and safety.

Provides a safer and more secure medication administration process

  • The AnywhereRN solution allows nurses to order medications in a place they choose, so they can concentrate and avoid interruptions that could lead to errors.
  • Savvy provides secure transport of medications from the cabinets to the point-of-care, creating a critical layer of accountability and addressing ISMP recommendations for safe transport of medications.
  • Improved patient care: Savvy helps nurses administer medications more quickly, saving time for other patient care tasks.
  • Versatile: Unlike generic hospital medication carts, Savvy doubles as a remote workstation, ensuring speed, security, and convenience.

Greater efficiency, improving patient care and nurse satisfaction

  • Nurses can place all patient medications for that “round” into patient-specific locking drawer and then move from room to room, instead of returning to the cabinet between patients.
    • Shortens time at the automated dispensing cabinet.
    • Enables quick retrieval of scheduled and as-needed medications.
    • Reduces trips back to the cabinet to record medication waste, which can now be done remotely.