Controlled Substances

Omnicell’s new Controlled Substance Management (CSM) system improves the management of narcotics and other controlled substances.
This is achieved by providing perpetual inventory management and an automated audit trail to help the pharmacy comply with regulatory standards while increasing efficiency.
Omnicell’s CSM system was designed based on customer insight, analysis of existing and anticipated regulatory requirements, and emerging patient care standards. This ensures your facility has an effective means for complying with regulations for dispensing controlled substances.
If ensuring your pharmacy has the best possible processes and practices for managing controlled substances, we’d welcome a conversation around our CSM solution.

  • Single, shared database among Omnicell Supply and Pharmacy automated medication systems:
    • Provides full accountability of drug movement from Pharmacy nursing and back the Pharmacy.
    • Provides consistent patient, user, and formulary information, streamlining daily database maintenance.
    • Controlled substances placed in External Return Bins are queued in CSM as pending transactions, closing the loop on returns and streamlining return processing.
  • Ability to schedule and email reports:
    • Audit-ready transaction reports are available.
    • Reports can be reviewed on the screen, scheduled, emailed, printed, or exported tan electronic file.
  • Concurrent maintenance of primary and secondary inventories.
  • Bar code support for all functions.
  • CSM cabinets are available in one, two, and three-cell configurations.
  • Ensures an accurate and timely process for dispensing controlled substances through the hospital.
  • Supports compliance with regulatory standards – maintains a complete audit trail to ease discrepancy resolution.
  • Increases efficiency for the pharmacy:
    • Maintains a perpetual item inventory.
    • Integrated bar code technology improves the speed and accuracy of data capture.
    • Streamlines database maintenance.