Meditec understands that if our customers don’t grow and become more profitable, we don’t have a future.
As a result, Meditec maintains the largest, most advanced and powerful support infrastructure of its type in the southern hemisphere.
Viewed as a cost centre and offering support that goes well beyond traditional approaches, we seek to ensure our customers are the best supported and empowered in their market.
This approach is one reason we’re the choice of A-Grade operators across Oceania and in hospital Emergency Departments and Operating Theatres.


By always being available, we work your hours. This means our customers have the support of our technical infrastructure including experienced decision-making whenever its needed. Furthermore, our proactive maintenance and monitoring means we can identify areas for improvement before our customers know they exist.


By being committed to helping our customers improve their profitability and grow their business, we’re able to support the achievement of their commercial goals. This ranges from helping customers win new aged-care beds, to help measure post-installation benefits for presentation to the Boards of hospitals


Having accumulated such deep experience over the past 10 years, we go beyond the standard support of helping with dispensary design, proposal generation, communication plans, referee mapping etc by also tailoring software, developing bespoke packaging, redesigning processes and the list goes on.


By understanding the many different strategic variables within the industry, we work with key industry stakeholders to help ensure the long-term interests of our customers are protected.