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About Us

The largest operator of our type in the southern hemisphere, Meditec is an Australian owned business that’s focused on helping hospitals and pharmacies embrace increasingly advanced healthcare solutions.
These solutions range from automated packing, checking and winding technology for Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) through to highly sophisticated solutions for managing Medications and Supply items throughout a hospital. With solutions operating across Oceania and some requiring 24/7 support, we’ve built an infrastructure that’s world-class and ensures our customers are supported by every possible resource. The choice for A-Grade operators, we always welcome new conversations and the chance to delight and surprise with the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.

Meditec has always believed that for a business to grow and prosper, it needs to be exceptionally capable in areas that customers value.

  1. Having Strong Commercial Disciplines (We’re A Strong Supplier) – with 10+ years of growth and with State Governments amongst our customer base, you can buy with confidence.
  2. Offering 24/7/365 Support (We Work Your Hours) – responsible for supporting equipment from Perth to Sydney, Hobart to Arnhem Land, Auckland to Invercargill and many places in between together having solutions in Operating Theatres and Emergency Departments, we’re always accessible.
  3. Having Deep Experience (We Know Things) – with 10+ years’ experience, we have accumulated know-how and insights which help our customers perform better. This includes not only knowing how to solve challenges, but also win business.
  4. Creating Solutions (We Help) – recognising our contacts, network and market know-how can help our customers succeed, we’re always able to create solutions which best support your needs from bespoke wall units to commercial support to redesigning a dispensary.
  5. Delivering Superior Hardware (We Supply Proven Hardware) – with access to the world’s most preferred hardware, we’re able to provide our customers with solutions they know will deliver operationally and competitively.
  6. Seamless Software Integration (It All Works) – with strong relationships with leading dispense providers together with our own programming capability, we’re able to continually work towards a seamless movement of data through.

Australian owned and Melbourne based, Meditec is a leader in bringing the world’s most advanced technology to hospitals and community Pharmacies across Oceania.
Established in the late 1990s, Meditec worked with politicians, regulators and key industry stakeholders to build support for the introduction of technologies that range from automated sachet packing for Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) to superior medication and supply management in hospitals. Through this engagement process, Meditec has become the largest operator of its type in the southern hemisphere with solutions operating from Perth to Sydney, Hobart to Arnhem Land, Auckland to Invercargill and many places in between. In fact, we’ve got more solutions in operation per head of population than almost anywhere else in the world.

By understanding that a proper and complete solution requires world-leading technology be complemented by the best resourced, most advanced and experienced infrastructure, we’ve become the choice for A-Grade operators. Examples of this range from us maintaining an experienced multi-person team of full-time technicians offering 24/7 support through to sophisticated remote monitoring of system performance.
With Business Partners who are global leaders in their fields, a track record of performance, a commitment to supporting our customers and a strong pipeline of new solutions, Meditec is excited by the future and the possibilities of what can be achieved together.


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