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Blister Packing

BlistAssist is an innovative medication blister card packaging assistant that brings accuracy, traceability and security to a manual process.

* Light-guided Tray
* Barcode supported
* Monitoring Software
* Track Lot Numbers and Expiry Dates
* User Authentication (log-in and password)
* Remote Verification
* Final Preparation Pictures (pill images)

* Features a light guided tray to facilitate the tedious, time consuming and labour intensive manual preparation process
* Barcode and pill image driven process which greatly improves accuracy and reduces potential errors
* Software monitors preparation progress, allowing the user to resume production after an environmental interruption

* The unparalleled ability to track lot numbers and expiry dates in manually prepared blister cards
* Operator traceability with a log-in and password

* Using an innovative layer verification process creates a quick and convenient verification pattern
* In addition to ensuring that no blisters are missed, it captures final preparation pictures for archiving purposes
* Provides a unique remote verification feature which liberates the preparation area and promotes workflow flexibility

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