Interesting Faq’s

Hospital Pharmacy

Is it permissible in Australia to store controlled meds in Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets?

Yes, Meditec has assisted public hospitals in every State to apply for (and receive) special dispensation to store controlled meds in Omnicell cabinets.

Does Meditec help hospitals build a Business Case for automated dispensing cabinets?

Yes, Meditec can provide lists of benefits and supporting material, including local Australian case studies that have been published which demonstrate improved safety, efficiency and reduction in costs.

Community Pharmacy

How many people would I need to be packing for to warrant investing in automated sachet packing machines?

While our experience is that every customer has a slightly different tipping point, we’ve found that in-house packing (e.g. doing it yourself) becomes increasingly viable the further you move above 100+ patients, (depending on machine size; growth potential; number of beds that can be aggregated across multiple pharmacies that have the same ownership structure; value of money currently being given away to third parties who pack for you, etc).

Does Meditec offer leasing or other payment terms?

Yes, a wide range of financing options are available.