Meditec supports its customers in a range of different ways. Whilst many are confidential and best spoken about in-private, some aren’t and include offering one of the world’s largest ranges of accessories for packing, holding and distributing sachets.
Available to all our customers, this range includes:

  • Trolleys
  • Stickers
  • Cutters
  • Labels
  • Containers
  • De Blistering Machines
  • Automated Tablet Cutters
  • STS Loaders
  • Bar-Coding Options
  • …list goes on

In each instance we work with our customer on the appropriateness of a standard solution or whether something bespoke is needed.

Cabinets are a really smart way of managing canisters not being used in the machine. Integrated into the whole packing process and software, the Cabinets uses guiding lights to lead the operator to any canister which should be swapped into the machine. The benefits of this technology, is that it allows for an almost unlimited number of canisters to sit in a Cabinets and be easily found for swapping in/out of the machine as the need for that particular medication arises.

In addition to the benefits offered by Cabinets generally, they are completely scalable which means more capacity can be easily added as needed. If that’s not enough, the option also exists to have tablet counters included for stock management and audit benefits.

  • Efficient (A): Easy swapping of micro-chipped canisters in/out/around the Cabinets allows for an efficient way to store/access those not in machine.
  • Efficient (B): Small footprint allows for an efficient use of space and storage of canisters.
  • Choice: Flexibility to include tablet counters as a step to allowing stock to be easily and quickly counted.
  • Scalable: Ability to increase the capacity of each Cabinet through time, means you it can grow with your business.
  • Intuitive: Easy to understand interface means operators can quickly know important information about the Cabinet.
  • Guiding Lights: The smart use of lights, means the operator is easily and quickly guided to the required canister.
  • Flexible: Each Cabinet can support multiple packing solutions, meaning you don’t need to buy multiple Cabinets to support multiple packing solutions.
  • Simple: Intuitive interface allows the status of the Cabinet to be easily understood and monitored.
  • Scalable: By being able to add capacity as needed, your Cabinet can expand to reflect changes in your formulary and growth in your business.
  • Choice: With the option to have tablet counters included, you have options in configuring the Cabinet.

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