Meditec is the southern hemisphere’s largest and most experienced supplier of automated sachet packing solutions. With more solutions in operation per head-of-population than almost anywhere else in the world, Meditec has become the preferred choice for A-Grade operators and industry leaders throughout Oceania.
Meditec’s range of packagers allows for medication to be packed in bar-coded sachets (unit or multi-dose) as a step to allowing pharmacists to improve dispensing accuracy, increase their productivity, and lower overall costs. Integrated with workflow management software, Meditec’s medication packaging system plays a vital role in streamlining central pharmacy operations and automating manual, labor-intensive processes.

If you place a priority on how ward stock is packed and tracked along with the associated cost, then we’d welcome a conversation on the role one of our automated packing solutions can play in your pharmacy.


  • Single Data Entry: Able to interface directly with various dispense systems, the need for entering data twice is avoided.
  • Central Fill: Having worked with various industry stakeholders, Meditec has developed proprietary software that gives access to new possibilities.
  • Compliant: Having spent 10+ years working with various regulators, our software ensures the highest possible compliance.
  • Proven: Whether it is our hardware, software, service, support or commercial acumen, Meditec is a proven operator with a track record of delivery.
  • Choice (Software): From bespoke signing sheets through to different formats for various wards, Meditec’s solutions revolve around giving you choice.
  • Certainty: Having seen many businesses come-and-go over the past 10 years, a key feature of a Meditec solution is that our customers have certainty around our longevity.
  • Choice (Hardware): From having flexibility around shutter options, canister configurations, Sealer size, packing paper transparency and the list goes on, we understand the power of choice.

Given our hardware comes from the world’s most preferred manufacturer our customers take patents, features, options and superior performance for granted. It’s what our customers expect, together with placing a premium on getting access to:

  • Superior Software… and the most advanced suite of programmes and options available.
  • The Strongest Possible Technical Support… and knowing the best available know-how is available 24/7 and also supports equipment in hospital Emergency Departments.
  • The World’s Largest Accessory “Shop”… and knowing solutions can be supplied off- the-shelf or designed specifically for a facility or community customer.
  • The Strongest Possible Commercial Support… and knowing significant benefits flow from being part of the southern hemisphere’s largest network of sachet packing operators.
  • The Strongest Pipeline of New Solutions… and knowing new capabilities can be added as required to stay ahead.
  • Exceptional Values and a Long-Term Mindset… where we understand our success is dependent on our customers achieving remarkable outcomes.
  • The Most Experienced Partner… where the strongest know-how is available to discuss different business models, Trends and opportunites.



  • Fast: Vastly quicker than packing manually, our solutions change the game around profitability. No longer are all beds equal.
  • Small Footprint: Needing limited space and with almost endless capacity, our solutions typically reshape the economics of your Pharmacy.
  • Scalable: With few constraints on throughput, the scalability of our solutions ensure they deliver increasingly attractive profits.
  • Cheap: With maintenance costs negligible and other costs variable, our solutions are cheap to run and get even cheaper the more you pack.
  • Accurate: By using an automated, repeatable process, the scope for erroneously packed medications almost disappears.
  • Reliable: Proven to deliver, our solutions are not only remarkably reliable but also never take holidays, have sick days, vary their productivity or resign.


  • Protect: To limit the ability of other operators taking existing business, many people embrace our solutions as a proactive step to stop this occurring.
  • Attack: In the absence of good protection, people use our solutions to win new business and build a strong local presence.
  • Unlock: Recognizing that automation unlocks new levels of profit, people use our solutions to achieve increasingly strong margins.
  • In combining the above with other benefits best discussed in-private, it’s easy to see why our solutions are the choice of A-Grade operators. This also includes having 13 differently sized chasis’s which allows us to implement a solution which best fits your needs.

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