In addition to our automated packing and checking solutions, the Winder cuts and rolls each patient’s medications. When used together with Vizen, the winder segments the patient rolls identified as requiring attention from those considered good fit for dispatch.
Winder. Another reason A-Grade operators choose Meditec.

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  •  Smart: Ability to easily segment rolls of sachets requiring attention from those ready for dispatch.
  • Single Platform: Integrated software means data moves easily through the packing of checking process.
  • Robust Hardware: From touch screen monitor through to a reinforced winding mechanism. The hardware is of the highest calibre.
  • Stickers: Able to apply an easy to understand sticker on each rolled bundle.
  • Fast: Able to quickly roll each person’s sachets into a discrete bundle.
  • Smart: Able to easily segment residents with sachets requiring attention from those ready for dispatch.
  • Efficient: With a small footprint, fast winding capacity and smart segmentation, winder delivers strong, efficient outcomes.
  • Integrated: Single, integrated software platform allows a seamless movement of Information.

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